"Welcome to the Jungle", a track that screams dance hit and gives the audience a peek into Neon Jungle's delicious persona. "Welcome to the Jungle" does not deviate too much from the inescapable sound of the group's previous releases, it all comes down to powerful vocal performances from all four ladies and one hell of an infectious beat. With a fresh reggae/EDM-influenced vibe, (is that really a thing?), Neon Jungle deliver some fast-paced rap verses about making a kitty cat purr and putting your hands on their bodies before the dance breakdown that will make anyone and everyone move and bounce. "Tonight I'll hunt you down, boy can you make me growl," the girls seductively ask as the electro-pop track opens, triggering many alarms and causing an immediate rush to the nearest dance floor. The song is a strong, sexual creation, epic in terms of its unique flavor and for bringing something new to the game. Neon Jungle are a tough group of powerhouse singers, the new single is their "roar", signaling their grand arrival. )