7Lions' Born 2 Run EP is a five song sampler from one of the coolest bands to come out of southern California in a long time. I can best describe them as a mix between Linkin Park and Paper Tongues. The group's MC, Prophet and their vocalist, Forrest Fulmer make a terrific mishmash of styles and the overall production that the group uses is amazing. This EP is highlighted by the band's main single, "Born 2 Run." The song is an adrenaline jumpstart from the get-go and it's an amazing track. "One Man Symphony" is a drum-powered primal track that has a similar effect as the title song. "Emergency" is a crazy up-and-down piece that takes you on a tremendous journey. "Taking Over" is a song that takes things back to the primal drums and has a great chorus. And finally, "One More Time" shows a whole different side of these guys that we might get to hear when a full album gets released. It's an uplifting version of a rock-mix power ballad new single One More Time