Luminous wouldn’t really do it justice, as the album seems to live and breathe as one entity – but I’ll try and pick out some highlights. I’m guessing you’ve already heard ‘I See You’ and ‘So Now You Know’? They’re both typical of Luminous as a whole – building up slowly into intense, epic, slightly psychedelic wig outs that hold more texture and nuance than most bands can get into their entire back-catalogue. ‘First Day Of Spring’ has a driving, swirling psychedelic momentum not unlike Tame Impala, while ‘In And Out Of Sight’ is based on a relentlessly shimmering groove that has echoes of New Order and is sure to be a big hit with the remixers over the summer. Both tracks seem to share a common ancestor in Skying’s ‘Moving Further Away’, and both are prime examples.