"I Blame Myself", stands out as having anthem potential (and not just because I've seen its lyrics quoted a handful of times on Twitter since the album's release). Throughout the song, Ferreira spits self-doubt and frustrations with not being taken seriously—an understandable response for someone who's spent years grappling for artistic legitimacy. (Night Time, My Time )People hear the words "socialite," "Forever 21 model" and "drug arrest," and their minds go to a TMZ sort of place. She proves throughout her debut that those assumptions have nothing to do with the kind of songs Ferreira writes these days—but isn’t that the way judgments go for so many of us? That's what makes the track's angst so relatable. "I Blame Myself" achieves a difficult balancing act: It's so specific to Ferreira's own experiences in the public eye, but something about it also feels universal.