Stewart Brock (vocals, keyboards), Callum Wiseman (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Lewis Gardiner (drums, production). The background: Prides are a band. Maybe not in the Amazing Snakeheads sense, but there are three of them and they each play different instruments, so, you know, they're a band. They don't exactly rock out but their songs aren't lacking in power. They are driving, exuberant, anthemic, not just hummable but chant-worthy, ready-made to be sung by large crowds, in unison. They come from Glasgow and the title track of their new EP the Seeds You Sow has some of the surging quality of (whisper it) early Wet Wet Wet. Wait, come back! Wishing I Was Lucky b/w Words of Wisdom was a brilliant debut single. There is something of the Wets in the sheer epicness and soaring evangelism of the music and vocal on this Prides track. It captures a moment of decision-making: "All I know is that if I was to do it again…" it goes. Destinies pivot on such moments of clarity and inspiration. g