'Bang! [Bonus Tracks Edition] !' are solid once more. When 'Jump The Gun' starts up, there is a familiarity about the material but this doesn't mean that it's rubbish. With a mean groove, this track launches in to hook-laden territories and there's some tasty guitar work too. 'Spread Your Wings' isn't anything to do with the Queen classic from their 1977 album 'News of the World'. Moving along with a laid back vibe the song shows a more complex arrangement but retains a good chorus nevertheless. I suspect the band has been taking in some epic Guns N'Roses moments too, and you may be suspicious too once you've heard the final track called 'Thank You'. It echoes the sort of personality and epic quality as 'November Rain' or 'Estranged'. In complete contrast to such a wonderful and extravagant example of their brilliance they then get bogged down in some average yet pompous material. 'I Won't Look Down' is full of drama and bombast without having that magic ingredient which is a respectable structure. 'My Belief' starts out like a Scorpions riff before some organ brings about some originality and the song then settles in its skin. With a hint of AC/DC right at the beginning of 'Red On A Sleeve"