The Exeter born and bred crew are set to release their debut album, ‘Last One Standing ’ on 14th April 2014. Gaining momentum like a new car in F1, I Divide is expected to be on the lips of many. Winning the Red Bull Bedroom Jam in 2012 is proof that their work ethic is immense. Unsigned in 2011 and struggling to be heard like many bands and musicians, I Divide now has the impetus to move forward. Melodic and clean is a way to describe opening track ‘Follow Me‘, a great introduction to I Divide if you have not heard them before, they’re very much in the vein of bands like Mallory Knox and Deaf Havana. Crunching guitars with impressive drum beats sets the tone; this is an impressive opening track for this British rock/metal band. Throughout the record these anthems are well produced with the impulse to succeed and continue their stride of pride which is definite when track ‘Monster in Me’ makes the album come alive. The Nu-metal guitar vibe mixed with clean vocals is a pleasure to the ears and one that would sound even better live in a sweat drenched music venue when the lights are about to go up. I Divide fit perfectly well within this style of genre, a debut album like ‘Last One Standing’ and songs such as ‘Living in a Hurricane’ prove that they are well suited to be around the big boys and girls. Tom Kavanagh has such a great voice for this; he isn’t lost with the powerful crunching guitars with ferocious drumming.