Hudson Taylor have released an EP this week that embodies those very things and more. Lead track Battles instantly grips you, the pace picks you off your feet and sweeps you along with it. There lyrics are sung with passion and even though it might not be an uplifting track lyrically, it still has that overall feel. The other thing this track has going for is it that there’s no way that after a few listens that you won’t find yourself singing along. Drop Of Smoke starts off as though it’s going to be a cover of an Adele Track (at least my ears hear that) but it quickly changes and it’s nothing like it. There’s a good stomp behind this track and just like the track before it it has a nice pace to it too. The vocals are clear and precise and have a lovely tone and accent, can you tell that they are Irish yet? Hide Away drops the pace a little but it still moves quite quickly especially the bridge to the chorus. There’s nothing slow or drawn out, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just feels like this EP works well because of the pace each track has as well as the sounds.