Cash Cash has always had a solid setlist of pure dance-pop beats mixed with relatively raunchy lyrics usually consisting of getting into a girl’s pants since their 2008 debut album, Take It to the Floor. Apart from their catchy, danceable tracks, they have collaborated with a variety of artists ranging from All Time Low and Cobra Starship to Kelly Clarkson and Capital Cities to produce some pretty fun remixes. When they released last year’s The Beat Goes On EP, I thought their beat-making mastery could only get better so of course I was stoked for their new single, “Take Me Home.” I’ve got to give praise to the fact that they did an excellent job with birthing another fun dance-pop track. It’s quite catchy and makes me want to dance around without a care in the world. The lyrics are pretty easy to sing along to, but are not quite what you expect from Cash Cash when you read the title of the song. With lines like “I’m falling to pieces” and “Round in circles, here we go/ With the highest highs and the lowest lows” as well as the constant pleading of “Take me home” sung by their featured songstress Bebe Rexha, it’s hard to object that this is a song about wishing a relationship could go back to the way it was at the beginning. For those who have listened to some of their old songs, the theme they chose for this particular track is a huge step for them. Overtime (Vicetone Remix) -