Luminous : changing his delivery to suit the music and instrumentation – stretched, high, and wraithlike on opener “Chasing Shadows”; slow, drawn-out and world-weary on “So Now You Know”. Midway point “I See You” is the next milestone. The main body of the track is beautiful: subtly anthemic, punchy, melodic; but it’s the three minute finish that makes it spectacular. Make no mistake about it: if you have a soul, you will not want the swirling, gradually escalating outro to end. And there are other moments of brilliance too: in a year when every band and his Alsatian are embracing electronica and psychedelia in some capacity, few have nailed it as successfully as The Horrors do on “Sleepwalk”. But Luminous isn’t a masterpiece – with the exception of “I See You”, it’s sometimes slavish in its adherence to formula, it’s musically derivative (like some gorgeous, unholy love child from a sordid affair between My Bloody Valentine, Simple Minds, and Suede) and underwhelming at times (“Falling Star” being its most lackluster moment).