singer/songwriter and one part an artist who cannot submit to the today’s tired definition of the genre singer/songwriter – Stefany creates cheery pop music with an electronic bricolage. Songs that always draw something positive from the melancholy are guaranteed to banish any monotony from the mind. Her voice reminds of the young Kate Bush.I could just go A Jura Whiskey Purchase Stream CREDITS Performed by: Stefany June Written by: Stefany June Produced by: Rob Rolefes Director/editor: Martijn Doolaard Dop: Mark Lindenberg Production: Renée Audier, Anouk Scheffens Make-up: Hilda De Jong Hair Styling: Heline Bot Gaffer: Tobias De Haan Light Assistant: Julian Wu Grip & Camera Assistant: Site Steendam Visual Effects: René Huwaë Set Assistants: Robin van Nieuwenhuizen, Hanz Lasthuis, Siebren Doolaard Catering: Dennis de Beurs, Jose Boer Category Music