Echoes is a standout track from Rise Of The Lion , packed full of emotion while detailing the pain of losing someone close. The interplay between the vocalists is engaging as the words “I know you’re already gone / You’re never coming home / I know you’re already gone / I’ll face the night all alone” resonate heavily. The track brings one of the quieter moments of the album, with the breakdown devoid of guitar chords, and even a brief piano outro. You Want Me, Tangled Tongues and The End of Me are straight up thrashers, often making a feature of the impressively paced double kick drums, with Darker Days including some Dragonforce-esque power metal guitar work. Saints, Sinners and Greats blazes the album to conclusion, with a driving, anthemic feel. With bold ambition, you’d have to say Rise of the Lion mostly delivers. Miss May I have certainly continued to diversify their eclectic metalcore sound to some extent, although they don’t stray too far from the established formula, with Hero With No Name the only track to not feature clean singing on the chorus. They intended to “create a timeless metal record that defines our band”, and whilst the timeless character remains to be seen, it is certainly their most significant album to date At Heart Monument (Deluxe Reissue)