Royal Blood, amongst the melee of the band’s latest pummelling concoction of bass and drums, ‘Come On Over’. And why would the twosome give two shits about there being a higher being when the attention they’ve received from just two tracks alone borders on the fanatical? Now, this isn’t a Beatles “bigger than Jesus” thing but the biblical noise Royal Blood make, combined with the rampant worship they’re receiving, things are getting unholy.iTunes ‘Come On Over’ is the B-side to debut release ‘Out Of The Black’ and to even fathom that this bruising nugget of pure aggression is a B-side, is a Sudoku puzzle wrapped in a Rubik’s cube whilst having consumed one too many beers, yeah, it’s a fucking head scratcher because as a standalone song, this juggernaut has enough wallop to be an A-side and then some. The Brighton duo’s latest bombast was premiered by Zane Lowe on his Radio One show earlier this week and even the Kiwi patron of all things music was stunned by the sheer magnitude of the song, he had to kick start the number from the beginning to soak up the crushing intro that signals pure, unrelenting chaos. ‘Come On Over’s dynamics lie within the devastating bass rumbles of Kerr and Ben Thatcher’s monstrous drumming. To quote one of our WWPSM brotherhood, it’s the sound of “Queens of the Stoneage and Death From Above 1979 having a wrestling match!”Come On Over [7 inch vinyl]Little Monster [7" vinyl] Thanks Seattle...For Killing My Band and My Dreams