Little Dragon Nabuma Rubberband , in her now iconic, smooth soul voice, oozes out in reverberation, “You’re gonna make me put my fist through this mirror” on opener “Mirror”. She’s not readying a “smash,” but rather a generalized, unconcerned “put.” This unconcern runs through the rest of the album, if not directly in Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrik Källgren Wallin (bass), Håkan Wirenstrand (keyboards), and Arild Werling’s (keyboards) sounds, then in Nagano’s lyrics and the melancholic tone she manifests. The album feels like a recalling of the group’s slower debut, but manages to maintain some of the trip-synthpop and dance sounds of their sophomore and junior albums on a handful of tracks. The blending of previous efforts and Nagano’s lyrical pensiveness hint at the desire to neither shy away from love in favor of atmosphere nor create an entirely danceable record. Nabuma Rubberband [VINYL] Machine Dreams Little Dragon