The Kooks iTunes still retain elements of their distinctive jiving guitar playing i n’Around Town’ which is shown throughout the song but the band has ultimately chosen a great direction in developing their sound. I am certain with ‘Around Tow’n and ‘Down’, the Kooks will only gain a greater following. For people who do not enjoy the Kooks’ new direction they are taking, Luke Pritchard has reassured the fans that Down is the song that is the most different from what they have done previously and that the rest of the album is much more akin to the usual Kooks sound. Twitter instagram Tumblr The new Album; ‘Listen’ is slated for a 1st September release and the tracklisting can be seen below. 1 Around Town 2 Forgive & Forget 3 Westside 4 See Me Now 5 It Was London 6 Bad Habit 7 Down 8 Dreams 9 Are We Electric 10 Sunrise 11 Sweet Emotion