Tinie Tempah iTunes He was raised by a single parent on a council estate, the breeding ground of so many rap gangsta fantasies. But there has always been something well mannered and aspirational about Tempah Demonstration , reflected in the precision of his language and tongue-in-cheek poshness of the references on his second CD. Over the percussive pulse of Trampoline, he boasts, “My mansion is so tidy” and “I go to Claridge’s to do high tea”. As the thrilling breakbeat of 5 Minutes escalates, he declares, “Stephen Fry made me wanna talk like this!” Even his jokes can be highbrow: “I get the citizens caned like Orson Welles.” He apologises to a girlfriend for making her “suffer like a Suffragette”. On Don’t Sell Out, Tempah shouts out a series of questions with yes or no answers. “Am I drunk?” (No!) “Am I clean?” (Yes!) “Am I mature?” (No!) “Should I be?” (Yes!) As a hip-hop call-and-response it is certainly quite unusual. Tsunami (Jump) (Radio Edit) Disc-Overy