Ed sheeran NEW Single on iTunes (out June 23). The sophomore effort comprises 12 tracks, featuring the unexpectedly hip-sounding, Pharrell-produced “Sing” and a bunch of other one-word titles like “Mess,” “Runaway” and “Photo.” After posting the tracklist on Instagram, Sheeran said that the deluxe edition of the LP contains four additional songs, including The Hobbit soundtrack cut “I See Fire” and the curiously titled “Even My Dad Does Sometimes,” which we’re not even going to try to decipher at the moment. Ed Sheeran’s x — tracklist: 1. One 2. Mess 3. Sing 4. Don’t 5. Nina 6. Photo 7. Bloodstream 8. Tenerife 9. Runaway 10. The Man 11. Thinking Out Loud 12. Afire Love Deluxe tracks: 1. Take It Back 2. Even My Dad Does Sometimes 3. Shirtsleeves 4. I See Fire Ed Sheeran’s new sound be too much of a surprise to fans, since the singer has logged time with everyone from Lupe Fiasco to Rudimental in the past year.