Bo Saris NEW Single on iTunes "She 's On Fire " from Gold Album follows. One might think , to have to deal with a long-lost MARVIN GAYE - song, as ensnared the ear canals in falsetto vocals a la AL GREEN SMOKEY ROBINSON or . Meanwhile, the deep relaxed "Little Bit More " had already been decoupled - connected with a cheerful invitation to the dance floor. With tradition -conscious fan of the shekel will be opened by grooving " Only God Knows " and with the mid-tempo track " Get To Know You Better" screwed the Lord his vocals again to new heights before "Does He Love You Better " calmly out of the speakers sounds and " Tender" contemplative attitude strikes . For the driving " Can not Beat The Old Skool " Mr. Saris colleagues JASPER WILD has brought on board , while the chilling " I'm Done " single-handedly (and of course with accompanying musicians ) performs is again . The theme takes Oldschool hereinafter "Change " on skillfully , while the R & B sounds of "Shoes " could also stand on a JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - tracklist . Meanwhile, the strings go on "So Said" and " If I Do not " to heart and also "Can not Force It " remains in calmer water before the title song " Gold" strikes the final blow soul .