wiki iTunes LED technology – lights that emit dazzling patterns according to the music. There's a giant white triangle within a blue circle and a huge pulsating pyramid. Canadian DJ Deadmau5 – who performs wearing a giant mouse's head, amid digital graphics – has new competition when it comes to the extravagant presentation of live dance music. The man at the centre of the electric globe is 31-year-old Guildford producer Nick Douwma, who has created two successful albums that mix dubstep, drum'n'bass and electro with the kind of naggingly catchy melodies favoured by Jean-Michel Jarre. Chart-friendly rather than aimed at underground clubbers, the recent Sub Focus album, Torus, has cornered a markedly young clubbing audience. As one steward puts it: "It's like a nursery in here tonight." Still, the energy from the teeny masses means that the crowd never stops jumping. On record, Douwma uses a myriad of guest vocalists who appear here as disembodied voices. Bloc Party's Kele Okereke's vocals float over Turn It Around. A digitised Alice Gold and Alpine sing Douwma's most memorable tunes, Out of the Blue and Tidal Wave respectively.” g Twiiter Facebook SoundCloud