wiki iTunes Opening with The Factory Gates and Coming Home, the Leeds outfit continue to value Ooooohhhhhs and Aaaaoooohhhoooos as more important musical devices than any lyrics. Keeping in line with the hooligan rock theme they’ve built up over the past ten years, expect to hear these lyric-less choruses on every sports show for the foreseeable future. Surprises come in the form of Meanwhile Up in Heaven and final track Roses, as both are reminiscent of the song Hodgson would have penned, particularly Love’s Not a Competition. Slower, lacking the beating drummers, and the cheesy rises to the sing-along choruses, they are the two standout tracks on an album that otherwise conforms to what the average festival going crowd will want to hear midday before the headliners arrive A poor-man’s, lighter Kasabian, living in the remnants Britpop, Kaiser Chiefs haven’t produced anything original here, but their music-for-the-masses approach is certainly back on track, and could possibly have created their best album since their debut, Employment, now 9 years-old.”.” Twitter Instagram SoundCloud Souvenir: The Singles 2004-2012Employment The Future Is Medieval Yours Truly, Angry Mob Off With Their Heads