wiki iTunes a really outstanding album or an artist I truly respect, I buy it because sometimes I actually want to throw what little money I have at an artist because they are that good! Trentemøller is in that category. After three long years the Danish producer is back with his latest full-length album Lost - I’m a big fan of dark eccentric electronica with claws and if that’s your thing too, then Lost will be well worth your listen. Trentemøller first caught my attention with ‘Moan’ back in 2006 and I was pleased to find that he still captures the essence of what he had back then without sounding dated. Tracks like ‘Still on Fire’ and ‘Deceive’ featuring Sune Rose Wagner of Blonde Readhead, hark back to the ‘breaks’ and ‘big beat’ of yore. However, he has also taken tracks like ‘Gravity’, ‘The Dream’, ‘Candy Tongue’, and ‘River Of Life’ in a refreshingly indie-pop direction reminiscent of Miike Snow with Goldfrapp-style vocals. Like a plane flying through patchy weather, the album takes surprising turns from smooth, light and beautiful, through periodic descents into broody, bass-driven, controlled havoc. Twitter Facebook Instagram SoundCloud