Liam Gallagher is loving life in Beady Eye, telling MTV News UK that “there’s no Hitler” in the band he formed after Oasis split. With Beady Eye gearing up to release their second album BE, Liam is enjoying it more because everyone is “drinking from the same cup” and said he shouldn’t be blamed by Oasis fans for his brother Noel leaving the legendary group.Speaking after the album’s playback, Liam told us track nine Don’t Brother Me – which features the lyrics “give us a chance, take my hand, be a man” and “in the morning I’ll be calling and hoping you’ll understand” – isn’t an apology to Noel. “I’ve got nothing to apologise for,” said Liam without hesitation when we asked him about the song. “Our relationship is still touchy, but if I wanted to say sorry to Noel for something that I’ve done apparently wrong I’d ring him, I wouldn’t write a f**king song. It’s not an olive branch." He continued: “I’m not the bad person in this – Noel has done the f**king mad flip and he’s got a whole new weird band. The only person that’s left our hemisphere is Noel. “I’ve still got the same rock and roll crew, all the roadies are still with us. Noel has washed his hands with it, which is fine but don’t f**king come back and moan about it when it doesn’t suit your f**king wig.” MTV