iTunes “We’ll be fine handling fame. We’re already massive rock stars in our heads. Only our circumstances will change and we can afford to go out more often.” Luke Spiller Finally! After too many years of waiting, a rock & roll band have arrived with the flamboyance, the style and, yes, the strut to match their unstoppable tunes. When was the last time a band wanted to be this glamorous, and insistent that only the stadiums will do for their music? In Luke Spiller The Struts are blessed with a frontman who, to quote his own neat summary: “I was born to do this. And I’ll die doing it.” Not for Luke the prissy “If anyone else likes it, it’s a bonus” talk of a generation of cautious bands who have second-guessed rock & roll into the margins. “Too many bands are afraid,” reasons Luke. “They’re looking over their shoulder, too concerned with thinking ‘Can I get away with this?’ and caught up with what’s currently cool. You need a good level of songwriting, of course, but you need a level of performance and style too. You need flamboyance.” Of course, such fighting words would be nothing without the swaggering songs to back them up. Luckily for us all, The Struts are kindly giving us I Just Know - a stomper of a track - sounding like a revitalised Axl Rose penning a new Brown Sugar. “It’s our most insistently addictive and repetitive song,” explains Luke. “If you like that, you’ll love our other songs.” Facebook Twitter Soundcloud