wiki iTunes War Eternal Ten albums commands compulsory respect. Ten albums, however, carries a heavier burden for a melodic death metal band -- especially one that has helped create and shape the genre itself since 1996. Moreover, it is no easy task for a band that bills itself as "the most heavy melodic band of all time." Whether or not that description is true of the band, one thing is for sure: Arch Enemy believes that the war for dominance in metal is eternal, and that its members must be vigilant and operate at a peak. Despite maintaining steady intensity over a string of albums between 2005 and 2011, some listeners and critics considered those years to be a period of stagnation for the band's melodic aspects. Those fair-weather fans will be glad to know that they can now consider the band to be back to the heights of "Wages of Sin" melodic levels. Instantly memorable, the riffs of "No More Regrets," "Never Forgive, Never Forget," "Time Is Black," and "Avalanche" jump out like no prior Arch Enemy riffs. Facebook Twitter Soundcloud