Though the London girl-band aren't the badasses they pretend to be – if they were, they'd have refused to allow the track originally known as Fuck Me to be retitled Love Me – they have confidence and skills to spare. Listening to the album is akin to eavesdropping on a conversation between funny, trash-talking women who happen to sing like a trio of Beyoncés: it's a noisy, highly entertaining 50 minutes. There are juvenile ad-libs ("Hey diddle diddle, my cat needs a fiddle!" someone squawks on Love Me, and there's more of that sort of thing elsewhere) and outbreaks of beautiful harmonising, especially on the doo-wop pastiche Slip and the reggaeish My Man Music. And while the protagonist of Hoochi Mumma plays into Tory stereotypes (she's a single mother who's "in love with the social" and spends her benefits on booze), at least the song sets them apart from the media-trained pop hordes.g