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wiki iTunes The 23-year-old from Suffolk introduces the selection of songs one by one. First out of the studio’s giant speakers is the softly strummed ballad One, written in his dressing room while on tour in Australia. It’s the “last song about the person who was on the first album,” he says. One, he thinks, is a good way to end both that period and that relationship. Then there’s Sing, the first single. It’s “quite different”, which is something of an understatement. It sounds like One Direction meets Justin Timberlake. Which is not so surprising when you remember that Sheeran – a prolific writer for both himself and other artists – has written for the mega-selling boy band, and when you learn that Sing is a collaboration with onetime Timberlake producer Pharrell Williams.." instagram Facebook Twitter Spotify Vinyl Soundcloud x [Double Gatefold Vinyl]+