wiki iTunes The record is vibrant and bold, offering a series of anthemic tracks that are, quite frankly, fun to listen to. Frontman Matt Jones displays vocals that are full of charisma, bursting with power and really showing off the classic rock element of the band. This can be said for his fellow band mates, who boast groovy hard rock riffs and energy-fuelled percussion; opener I Bleed Rock n Roll makes for a promising start to the record. The vibrant infectiousness continues with the likes of Get The Party On and title track Running With The Dogs, and if you love big, sing-a-long choruses then this album is for you. Don’t Look Down and Don’t Get Mad Get Evil boast bloody impressive guitar solos, in fact the whole album displays intricate solos and bouncy riffs that just beg you to lose yourself and have a damn good time. The opening riff of The Outlaw takes a slight diversion with a country edge – believe us though, it works – kicking back into the original ways of The Treatment and offering possibly the catchiest song on the record. Facebook Twitter Soundcloud