Ultraviolence [VINYL]

“Shades of Cool,” where the intricate back-and-forth between her soaring vocals and trademark wailing vibrato creates a ghostly atmosphere. The sedation of the song’s low tempo slowly burns up into Auerbach’s face-melter of a guitar solo that strikes through Del Rey’s swirling mumbles. This shade of blues is definitely cool. The title track juxtaposes the loaded term “Ultraviolence” — which has connotations of a certain fictional rapist and murderer named Alex DeLarge — with the sleepy, sentimental tone of the song. Like most of these songs, it’s an elegiac afterthought, rather than an enactment of ultraviolence. But it’s befitting that Del Rey croons, “He hit me, and it felt like a kiss,” referencing the 1962 Crystals single. Born To Die [VINYL] Spotify