“Get Her Back,” the first single from his forthcoming album “Paula.” The album, named for Thicke’s estranged wife, actress Paula Patton, is slated to drop on July 1, but Thicke has already received some criticism for its concept — a very public attempt at reconciliation with Patton — and tracklist, which hit the Internet last week. The video has only added to the backlash. Thicke appears with a bloody face in some scenes and stares solemnly into the camera as text messages appear across the screen. Examples: “I wrote a whole album about you.” “I hate myself.” “You embarrassed me.” “You’re reckless.” There’s a lot that’s unclear about the video — why Thicke is bleeding, for one. Nor is there any context for the text messages, so we can only guess as to whether they’re being sent or received. Spotify