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New Single Lyrics [Intro:Annotate Thabo] I gave you my everything, guess that didn't mean anything To you, cause I'm not your man All the nights I spent with you not making love, just making do Ooh, I'm not your man [Hook: Thabo] I'm swimming way out of my depth I'm in way over my head I wish she never showed me her bed, bed, bed I wish I could forget [Verse 1: Professor Green] What you take me for? What you take me for? Gave you everything Yet you're still looking at me like I could've gave you more, gave you more? I ain't got anything left to give, somebody better notify my next of kin Cause the stress is killing me, either you're feeling me or not Either way I ain't gonna be spending any more money on Tiffany I'm done with that, what do you think I rap for? To buy you a bag? Are you mad? I'm a catch The type of man women normally go mad for Sick of love, sick of you, wish I was but I ain't though Changed like a boy in trance, anything you ask for I can't say no, don't give but you take loads The dinners and taxis, I ain't ever been attracted to anybody as much I am in love with you so madly, ain't ever treated you badly But no matter what I do, you're unhappy Is it cause my dick isn't as big as Dappy's? [Hook] [Verse 2: Professor Green] Playing a game that I'm losing so I guess you're winning I should've known better in the beginning When you said you were a fan of Beyoncé But the only song you didn't like was "Independent Women" "Bills, Bills, Bills", bet you liked that though Dough with a D, yeah you like that dough Gave you a key to the crib only to find You'd smoked all of my weed when I came home A temptress, a seductress Who possessed enough pizzazz to make me obsessed When you undress you wanna compete, sorry I didn't know It was a contest, but guess I won Cause I came first, is that the reason that you're upset? [?] Why would you keep coming back if it's just sex if it ain't no good? Or is it the rest that you're interested in? All of the spending in the restaurants I gave you everything that you ever wanted and what did I get in return for it? Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, your shoes cost More than I used to earn in a month back when I used to sleep on a futon [Hook] [Outro: Thabo] I wish I could forget Wish I could forget I remember Everything I gave you my everything, guess that didn't mean anything To you"

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