Kelly Rowland at the weekend as she broke down in tears performing it live in Washington DC. Washington radio station WKYS caught up with the singer on Monday, to quiz her about what caused her to cry and Beyonce's reaction to the song. They asked her about the lyrics: "While my sister was on stage, killing it like a ************, I was enraged, feeling it like a ************/ Bird in a cage, you would never know what I was dealing with." and Kelly explained what Beyonce had said when she'd first heard them. Kelly divulged: "It was the place that I was in...I was so young. My head was completely gone. That's what happened with my sister. What matters to me most is what we have. I'm so grateful for what we have as sisters...away from Destiny's Child. I played it (Dirty Laundry) for her and Michelle. Beyonce said, 'I never left'. Kelly goes on to explain her feelings as she was performing the song in DC. She said: "It's really weird when you take yourself in front of a crowd. Even in that moment of when I put my feet up, I felt like I was in therapy. I was singing and talking about what happened, and for a moment, it was like that crowd wasn't even there. And then when the music stopped...I was like 'You are live Kel. Calm down.' And I had to calm down, and then I had to breathe. You get lost...and it's nothing wrong with getting lost. But that was weird. I felt like I could do that with D.C."4music