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Black Star Elephant will be Nico & Vinz's first U.S. album, it will actually be their second studio album overall, following 2012's The Magic Soup and the Bittersweet Faces, which was released in Norway. The duo achieved international recognition with the release of "Am I Wrong" in 2013, which became a hit worldwide, reaching number one in the UK, Canada, and number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 01. Intro (Interlude) 02. Am I Wrong 03. Last Times 04. Leave Us (Interlude) 05. Know What I'm Not 06. Miracles 07. New In Town (Interlude) 08. My Melody 09. Powerful (Interlude) 10. Another Day 11. People 12. Runnin' 13. Imagine 14. Homeless 15. Lakota (Interlude) 16. Thought I Knew 17. Arrival (Interlude) 18. When The Day Comes 19. Kokadinye (Interlude) 20. Imaa Imaa ”

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