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“Comeback” from the very first listen and I have no doubt whatsoever this song will become Ella’s first solo #1. It’s so good; I find it unbelievable she’s held this in the vault for three long years - Ella confirmed she wrote “Comeback” when she was 17. I guess it’s for the best in the end, because should any label had heard "Comeback”, they would have definitely bought it for one of their artists. Now it's the perfect time for Ella to have dusted the song off because she’s been giving the chance to have a solo career backed a major label, and now she can use “Comeback” as her own song, and score her own #1 hit with it (mark my words—this will happen. Otherwise I'll have to slap Virgin EMI Records' execs… they have to send Ella to every TV show in the UK). ”

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