Union J have admitted it would be a "dream come true" if their debut single 'Carry You' reaches number one on the Vodafone Big Top 40 this weekend. The X Factor UK 2012 stars released their first song this weekend (2nd June), and have opened up about their hopes for the song and what might come next for the band. "That would be a dream come true, top two" George Shelley told Digital Spy, about their chart hopes for 'Carry You'. "But if it doesn't that just means we've got to work harder for [song] number two! "Everyone wants a number one, that's the dream," Jaymi Hensley explained. "We've had an amazing roller coaster year, everything we've wished for has kind of happened. "We believe in the project enough that we can really get behind our single and promote it and love it, and if the fans see that we love it enough then hopefully they'll go out and buy it," he added. "We're in this to succeed, because we love what we do." capital